Advil at Save On Foods- save $10

One of the ways to save big on over the counter medications is to be prepared. 

Most of us aren't thinking about buying cold medication until we can barely sleep because were so congested. At that point, you don't even care about the cost, you just need relief. 

The average adult gets 6 colds a year- so you know it's going to happen - get your medicine cabinet stocked. 

This week Advil Cold & Sinus is on sale for $9.99, regular $14.99.

There is a $2 Save On Foods store coupon to bring it down to $7.99 plus you can print a $3 coupon from the Advil website. 

Now your paying $4.99, instead of $14.99. 

You can show the Save On Foods coupon on your phone or click on it to print. Get the Advil coupon here. 

This deals expires on June 19, 2014.