Cheese Blocks for $2.13 at Target


My stock up price for cheese is $1 per 100g. It's been a few weeks since I have found a good deal. But this week is not only stock up price but " start the car" price on Black Diamond cheese. I bought a 500g block for $2.13! Here's how:

1) Black Diamond cheese is on sale at Safeway for $4.49 when you buy 2. I used the Safeway flyer and price matched this at Target.

2)The printable receipt that comes with every purchase at Target this week is $1.50 off Black Diamond cheese.

3) I have .75c manufacturer coupons for Black Diamond cheese that I found in various grocery stores in the last couple months.

4) I used both coupons on each block of cheese- one Target receipt coupon & one manufacturer coupon. 

5) I used my Target Red card to pay & saved another 5%.