Oreos for .11 cents at Save On Foods


Milk is generally the same price from store to store. In our house, we go through about 12L a week, so I try to find a "deal" of some sort since I'm buying a lot of milk anyway.  If I can't find a great sale like Safeway occasional has, then I want to at least get points. This is why I usually buy it at Shoppers Drug Mart or Save On Foods. 

This week when you buy a 4L of white milk & a package of Oreo cookies you pay $5 for both.  

Since a 4L of milk is about $4.89 your getting a package of Oreos for .11 cents and who doesn't love Oreos?!  You can get any type of Oreos, as long as they are the 300g package.

You don't need any coupons, there are no limits on this deal & it's valid until July 4, 2014.