Nestle Water 24 pk for $1.88 at Walmart


In the summer, between working outside in the heat & going out to spray parks, bike rides & other activities- I love having water bottles ready to go. 

With 6 people in the family, I've given up on the reusable water bottle. And I'm not spending every evening washing them either. 

We always recycle the Nestle water bottles or take them in to the bottle depot. 

The other upside - my kids are drinking a lot more water- that's a win/win. 

This week you can price match Nestle 24 pack of water for $1.88 at Walmart, if your local Walmart does Canada Wide Price matching. The store I used to price match from is Food Basics. The regular price is $4.97.

You only need to show the flyer on your phone to the cashier. Make sure she can see the item, price, store & flyer date. 

I did a screen shot for you, which is how I do all my price matching to get through the till quickly.

Happy Shopping!