Frugal Tip - The Best $3 Pizza

A few months ago, my daughter's and I were going out for the evening, so I picked up some frozen Donatello's pizza's for the guys at home.

When I got home later that evening they went on and on about how that was the best frozen pizza they had ever had. I laughed because I had just picked up the cheapest one that Walmart sold.

Last week, when our oven died, I picked up the same pizza's to cook in our toaster oven (perfect size for the toaster oven too!).

I bought the deluxe and cheese versions. My daughter's said the cheese one tasted like Little Caesar's crazy bread - and who doesn't love crazy bread?!

I had to agree with the family - this is one of the best frozen pizza's I've ever had. I think it's the crust that makes the pizza - it puffs up without getting too hard. I also liked that there is a good amount of toppings and cheese. If I have some peppers on their last leg in the fridge, I also chop those up and throw them on the pizza before baking.

The reason I think this is such a great deal is two-fold. 1) If I don't have time to make a crust and I need dinner fast- hard to beat $9 for 6 people. 2) If I am going to make my own pizza - which we still do on occasion- It would be tough to do for less then $3.

I've only seen Donatello's at Walmart and they are always $3.00. They have pepperoni, deluxe and cheese.