London Drugs Deals - Nesfruta, K-cups and Live Clean

I went into London Drugs to stock up on K-cups today and found some great deals while in the store.

Nesfruta is on sale 2 for $5 and there are $2 coupons that the cashiers have at the till. Fifty cents each!

Live Clean products are $3.99 and the Cart Smart Coupon App has $1.00 offers. Regular price of these are $6-7 each. I am in love with the Apple Cider Shampoo!

The Martinson 24 pack of K-cups are $8.48, which works out to .35c a cup. I like to stock up at anything less then .50c each.


San Pellegrino are 3/$9.99. I saw this earlier this week at $5.99 at another store, this is a fantastic stock up price. I was actually quite shocked to see how many different flavours there are. The lemon kind is also really good mixed with Pepsi or Coke... or Vodka!

So get in and check out the deals this week at London Drugs and Happy Shopping!