Twitter Safeway Deals & Why I Don't Buy Them


Every Monday, Safeway has a special meal deal on Twitter. You just need to buy the appropriate items & show the deal on your phone & you pay the reduced price.

While these deals are probably great for small families, they rarely work out for a family of 6, especially when the deal is limited to 1 per customer. 

Let's look at today's deal, my 2 teenage boys could eat this between the 2 of them... And still be hungry an hour later due to the low protein content of this meal. 

Secondly, I buy pasta sauce when it's on sale for $1.00 & we use real grated Parmesan, no one in the house is a big fan of the powdered variety. 

While I've only eaten Gnocchi at a restaurant, I generally don't pay more then .25c for a box of dry pasta. 

So let me show you what I buy instead at Safeway, when I want a quick, non- greasy dinner. 



I can always find Olivieri fresh pasta & sauces at 25-50% off at Safeway. They're reduced because they're close to expiry- no worries, were eating it right away. If I can find a pesto sauce also reduced, I buy that as well. Sometimes they have Alfredo or Rose sauce 50% off. If not, I just heat up a jar of tomatoe sauce from home.

I prefer the stuffed ravioli because they contain a protein like chicken, beef or cheese. Served with a green salad, this meal will keep my boys full for at least 2 hrs! 

You can find the fresh pasta & sauces in the sausage, bacon, deli meat section.  

I paid about $15 for this dinner, since I will get lettuce from my garden for the salad. Well below the $50 I could spend on a fast food meal... and this meal I feel good about serving to my kids.

So, do you buy the twitter deals from Safeway? How do you keep your teenage boys full without resorting to greasy burgers?!