The Perfect Lunch Box

I am picky about lunch boxes for the kids. That's probably why I have been looking for the perfect one, for 2 years! I had 3 items on my criteria list before I was going to buy any more lunch boxes:

1) Small enough to fit in a backpack- I don't want my girls to have to carry their lunch bag and a backpack, when they have 2 things to carry, 1 item will get left somewhere. They also need room in their backpack for things other then a massive lunch bag.

2) Includes a freezer pack- I won't send tuna or egg sandwhiches without it. I don't like  to squeeze an ice pack on top of the sandwhich and squish it. And who wants to eat warm cheese or ranch dressing with their veggies?! 

3) Microwave and dishwasher safe. The LAST thing I want to do is hand wash 40 pieces of plastic every night before I can repack the lunches. If I can add it in the dishwasher, with the dinner dishes- perfect! My daughter also has access to a microwave and I would like to send leftovers without packing another dish to heat it in. 

Bento box

Bento box

So I finally found the perfect lunch box today for $10- that just makes my frugal heart go pitter patter. I have looked in every local store plus online and have seen lunch boxes close to what I like, for almost $50, not including shipping!

These lunch boxes are made by Cool Gear and I found them at Walmart and Superstore. There are 2 two types, I got one of each. The green one is called a salad kit and the blue is a bento box. 

Salad kit

Salad kit


The bottom portion collapses and expands to hold 6.5 cups. In the top picture you can see the salad kit is collapsed down and the bento box is expanded to it's full size. The middle portion that holds the mini containers or the salad dressing container- is a freezer tray! You can just pop the whole thing in the freezer and then into the lunchbox in the morning.

The whole thing - minus the freezer tray, is dishwasher & microwave safe. Did I mention it was $10?! 

I can already imagine all the fun, creative lunches we are going to pack in these cute boxes.

You can find them in the lunchbox/backpack section of Walmart.