.5 and .10 cent Deals at Staples


I am not doing any major back to school shopping yet, but prices like this got me into Staples today for a few basics- and a break from the stifling heat!

Here are a couple highlights: 

80 page Hilroy Coil notebook .5c



Aaaaaand, it has 2 coupons inside! One for Papermate pens and one for Fivestar notebooks.



The 10 pack of pencils are .10c 



150 sheets of lined refill paper is .10 cents

24 packs of Crayola pencil crayons are .94 cents

1" binder is $1.00

White glue .69 cents

I also found a cool lunch container. I used something like this last year for my daughter. It was $10



This is one of the easiest ways to save on school supplies, stock up  when prices are rock bottom & save yourself some time in September.

Happy Shopping!