$3 Monday Meal from Sobeys

I like to stock up on a few items such as produce, when Sobey's has their dollar days.

Right now my garden is providing for all our produce needs, but I did still stock up on the $1 perogies and sour cream. 

I thought I would also put together a $3 Monday meal deal for you that I found in the flyer. 

You could pick this up on your way home from work- and dinner is done in 10 minutes! 




1 bag of Compliments perogies $1

1 container of sour cream $1

1 bag of salad or baby carrots $1



If you want to add a little more flavor to your meal, you can pick a 2 lb bag of onions for $1 or green onion bunches,  2/$1.


I like that you can chose perogies that already have bacon in them.

We had the potato/bacon perogies this weekend along with some homemade cottage cheese perogies and we thought the Compliments ones tasted better!

Happy Shopping!