Tools for Schools - How Much Could You Donate With $1.00?



I was out shopping for supplies at Staples today with my 16 year old son.

He only needed a few binders and we also got 10 Duotangs for my daughters list to complete it. 

We thought the Duotangs were 28 cents but when she rang them in, they came up at 5 cents each. 

As we left, I stopped to look at the Tools for Schools list to see what the most needed items were.  

My son asked what the promo was about and I said people donate school supplies for those kids who don't have the means to buy their own.  

He said, " Well at 5 cents for a Duotang, a $1 can go a long way for these kids." 

That really got me thinking.

What could I buy for only a $1? 

Here's what I came up with: 

24 pack of Crayola crayons .20 cents (Target) 

10 pack of pencils .15 cents (Target)

Elmers 2 pack glue sticks .20 cents (Target) 

200 sheets of lined paper .10 cents (Target & Staples) 

 Hilroy excerise book .10 cents (Target & Staples)

5 Duotangs at .5 cents each (Walmart, Staples & Target) 

Total spent $1.00


You can find a donation box for Tools for Schools at every Staples location and you can also donate at the till or online at

The website has a list of the supplies needed according to age. Donations can be brought in until August 31.  

I challenge you this year, as your buying your own kids supplies or watching your grandkids or nieces & nephews head back to school- to take a few minutes and donate to Tools for Schools.

As you can see- every $1 counts!