$10 Off Joe Fresh Clothes


I like to do my kids back to school clothing shopping one at a time. 

As a mom of 4, I value one on one time more then anything else.  

Spending a couple hours shopping with them and watching what they chose is so fun for me. I love getting to know my kids better. 

I spent 2 evenings with my daughters at Superstore helping them chose a few things that they really liked.  

While we normally only buy clothes when they're on sale, I like to let them chose a couple things that they just love!  

I was thrilled when I found this coupon that gives you a $10 gift card for each $50 that you spend on Joe Fresh clothes.  

I chose the self check-out line and divided our purchases into $50 increments so we could save even more.

 Once the till asked for coupons I scanned it and it just took $10 off our bill - I thought that was even better- no messing around with gift cards! 

You can find the coupons on the board when you come in to the store or attached to the clothing racks. 

The coupons are good until September 5th and they are valid on sale clothing as well.