School Supply Deals List - 4 days and Counting!

Just a few days left, and I've checked all the flyers, been in the stores and have all the deals in one spot, in case you still have more shopping to do.

I am listing the deals according to store. Keep in mind that every store I'm listing will do local price matching as well.

 So if your doing all your shopping at Staples or Walmart and see a better deal on something at London Drugs or Target- just price match it. 

You can price match from your phone using apps like Reebee or you may find the store has already done the price matching for you.

I also starred what I thought were the best deals this week. 


 10 pk pencils .25 cents

Portfolio with pocket .25 cents*

Tab dividers pk 8 .75 cents*

BIC pens 8/10 pk .95 cents 

Pencil sharpener $1.00

Mechanical pencil 6 pk $1.00*

1" 3 ring binder $1 

Elmer's glue 3x20g $2


Elmer's glue white $1 

Duo-tangs/Report Covers .5 cents*



Math set $4 staples*

Crayola markers $3 

2 pk sharpeners .95 cents*

Sharpie highlighter 4 pk $2

150 sheets of lined paper $.10 cents



200 sheets lined paper .49c*

Crayola pencil crayons 24 pk .99c

Fiskars 7" scissors 3.99*

Zipper binders 4.99

Canadiana pencils 24 .99 cents*


Avery 2" Durable Binders 50% off*

Select school supplies also 50% off

In the last week, I have seen the best lined paper deal at Target. 200 sheets for 10 cents. This was on an endcap.

Worth checking out as I noticed paper has gone up in price at Staples. 

One item that my kids always need that can be fairly pricey, is a USB.

The best deal I found was at Staples. 8GB stick was $4.98 and I could only find them at the till.



Have you found anymore last minute deals?