The Nitty Gritty on Laundry Soap

Laundry is a necessary evil. You know it's going to be done every week, and your going to buy laundry soap. It pays to take a little time to figure out the best deal for laundry soap and when to stock up.

I must admit, I get a little nervous when I'm down to 6 bottles of laundry soap. It's not because I am a hoarder - it's because once you have paid 10 cents or less per load for laundry soap - I don't want to pay more when I run out. It sounds crazy - I get it. But there are many other things that I would rather spend my money on then over priced laundry detergent.

So let's get to the nitty gritty.

How much do I pay for laundry soap? My stock up price is 10 cents or less per load. My first recommendation is to always  check the load sizes on the bottle and use the measuring cup.

Most washing machine repair men will tell you that people use far too much laundry soap and that if you have a problem with your HE machine having a smell - it's from soap accumulation. 


With the advent of laundry pods it is even easier to not overuse soap in your machine.

Having a standard like 10 cents a load, makes it so much easier to interpret all the different bottles sizes and types of soap - whether your buying liquid, powder or pods. I also don't have a favourite store to buy laundry soap. I buy it wherever the deal may be.

Now brand loyalty is something that can cost you money. I have tried every brand and I don't think there is much of a difference for cleanliness. I prefer some brands because they don't smell as strong - but again, if it's 10 cents a load, it's coming home with me!

Coupons for laundry soap are easy to find, especially when a new brand comes out. You can find coupons online at, phone apps like Checkout51 or in newspaper inserts. You can also find coupons in grocery and drugstores. I always collect a few coupons and hang on to them, in case I find a sale or clearance.

Most of the time I am paying $1-2 for a bottle of laundry soap. That includes name brand soap like Tide, Sunlight and Arm and Hammer. 

So of course, I couldn't talk about laundry soap without finding some current deals for you.

Tide has a cheaper brand called Tide Simply Clean and it's always 2/$8 at Walmart. This is for a 38 load bottle. Without a coupon that works out to 10.5 cents a load.


Another option is to print off the $2 coupon from and use it on the Tide liquid 24 load bottle or the powder 31 load, that is on rollback for $4.94 at Walmart. You can print 2 of these coupons per computer. This brings your price per load to 12 cents for the liquid and 9 cents for the powder.



One last tip, if you find a great deal on laundry soap, stock up! For our family of 6, I like to keep a supply of at least 10 bottles or bags of laundry pods so that I'm never paying more then 10 cents a load. It's also nice to have one less thing that I need to pick up on my weekly grocery trip.

Happy Shopping!