Soup Coupon and Quick Dinner Ideas

This week at Save On Foods you will find the Campbell's soup on sale 10/$10.


We generally make our own soups for dinners but canned soups are great for quick school lunches.

I also love to have the different cooking soups on hand saving me time making dinner.

The cheese soup we use for sauce for baked potatoes. The cream of chicken, cream of broccoli,  and tomato and basil are used for pasta dishes, slow cooker meals and even stew.

Although I prefer to make my own from scratch meals, if a couple cans of soup means I can get a crockpot meal going in 10 minutes or pick up take out?

Well, my frugal choice is the crockpot meal with soup helpers!

$1 is a great price for these cooking soups, they tend to be around $2 a can, not on sale. I usually need at least 2 cans to cook a meal or casserole for our family and I don't like spending $4 just on one ingredient.  

This is where stocking up when there is a sale, really saves you time and money. 

Today a coupon was released for .30 cents off the Campbell's Vegetable or Chicken soup.  You can use this coupon at Save On Foods or PriceSmart. Here is the link:



Simply show the coupon on your phone or use the link to print.

You don't have to buy 10 in order to pay the sale price of $1. You can just buy 2 and pay $2. 

For more cooking ideas using Campbell's soup, check out

They also have a phone/tablet app.