Cheap Granola Bars & How I Use Air Miles

I'm really working at getting my Air Miles higher so I can start using them for Christmas shopping or movie passes for my kids stockings. 

Now that Sobey's has switched over to Air Miles, this will get even easier. I love Sobey's for the $1, $2 and $3 sales. I usually get some great deals on produce, dairy and other groceries with this sale.

This week is even better, as they are running a bonus Air Miles event with their dollar sale. 

First a little education on how Air Miles works: 

1) You can trade in 95 Air Miles at the till at Sobey's, and get $10 off your bill.

2) You can trade in Air Miles online for vouchers to use at Sobey's, Safeway, Cineplex and some restaurants.

3) You can buy things like kitchen appliances, toys and electronics.

4) You can use them for travel

So online and instore - 95 Air Miles = $10

First deal: 



This is my "buy" price for granola bars, $2. Stock up is anything lower then this, usually if I can find them for around $1.60, I'm stocking up.

Looking at the Air Miles deal with these though, I'm paying around $1.16 a box. 

Each box is $2. I bought 12, which cost me $24. I received 50 Air Miles for each 6 boxes, so I got 100 Air Miles just for buying granola bars. Now I could use 95 of those Air Miles to take $10 off, which means the bars now cost $14 or $1.16 each. 

This is a good deal for me because: 

1) The granola bars are on sale at my "buy" price, so I'm not paying for Air Miles. I would buy granola bars anyway.

2) We go through at least 4 granola bars a day, so 12 boxes will maybe last a month. 

3) I made this deal part of a bigger shopping trip at Sobey's of other sale items I needed and because I spent $100, I got an extra 100 Air Miles.


Other deals I bought: 

Astro yoghurt tubs, sale $2.49 plus 15 Air Miles for buying 2

Betty Crocker Cake mix 4/$5 and 2 Air Miles for buying 4

Tropicana Orange Juice $3.99, 10 Air Miles for every 3 I bought

With the changes made to Air Miles in the last year or so, it seems our miles are not worth as much and the choices of gift cards online is now limited.

But..looking at the Air Miles deals at Sobey's and Safeway in the last few months, I think it's easier to collect more miles.  

My rule of thumb, which I apply to all points cards at stores, is I won't buy something just for points or pay more because I can get bonus points or Air Miles. 

Bonus rewards should just be icing on the cake for finding good deals. 

And if nothing else, I will trade in my Air Miles for a nice dinner at the Keg with my husband!