Free Kellogg's Cereal This Week

Cereal can get very expensive, especially in a house with six people.

There are two ways that I buy cereal.  At Costco on sale, or when I can find a deal with points or free item coupons in the box. 


We generally stick to high fibre, low sugar cereals like Mini- Wheats, Honey Nut Cheerios and granola. 

About twice a year my kids will get Froot Loops or some other sugar cereal that I deem more like a snack than a nutritious breakfast.

Kellogg's is running a promotion when you buy select cereals, you receive a free breakfast item such as banana, strawberries, granola bars or a box of cereal.

You get your free item, simply by following the directions inside the box and ordering the product of your choice online. You will be mailed a free item coupon in 2-4 weeks.

I always look for the cereal on sale and try to use coupons to buy it. This week I found the best deal at Co-Op.

Select Kellogg'c cereal is 3 for $9.99. 


This week on Checkout 51, there is a buy 2 Mini Wheat's and get $1.50 off coupon. You can use it three times instead of the usual one time offer. 


I also have an app called Coupgon, that allows you to save money right at the till but it can only be used at certain grocery stores. In my area that store is Co-Op.

Coupgon has a $2 coupon on Froot Loops this week. This is my transaction:

4 boxes of Mini Wheats  $13.32

2 Boxes of Froot Loops $6.66

Used 2 x $2 Coupgon rebates at the till, saved $4  Paid $15.98

Submitted my receipt to Check Out 51 and saved another $3, total now  $12.98


I couldn't find the Froot Loops with free breakfast coupons at Co Op, so just my Mini-Wheats had pins for free cereal. I will order 4 coupons for free Mini- Wheats worth up to $6 each.

This means my cereal was essentially free, when I receive $24 worth of Mini-Wheat coupons in the mail.

There is no household limit for the free product coupons and you have until July 31. 2015 to order your free item.

Here are the products available to order:

Mini-Wheats, Rice Krispies, Frosted Flakes, All Bran, Froot Loops, Nutri-Grain Soft Bakes Bars, 2 lb of Bananas, Fresh strawberries, or 1 Litre of milk.