Faux Potatoes - THM S or E Meal


First off, I hate radishes. Always have. In a salad, on a veggie tray - disgusting!

But.... fried in a little butter with salt and pepper? Life changing.

I have been following a low sugar eating plan, and since white potatoes actually have a higher GI then bread, I have found alternatives.

I had heard that fried radishes will taste the same as potatoes and I was willing to give it a try.

Radishes are inexpensive and a great way to plump up a breakfast of just bacon and eggs.


I slice my radishes quite thin and heat up a little butter in a frying pan. I have tried coconut oil, but something about the flavour of radishes and coconut oil just doesn't jive. Use whatever fat you like if your eating this in an S meal.

Once the pan is hot, I basically stir fry the potatoes until they're a little crispy. Today, I sprinkled them with a little grated Tex - Mex cheese and served with bacon and eggs.


Once radishes are cooked, the zingy flavour of them is gone. I actually find that fried potatoes are quite plain tasting compared to radishes.

Let's face it, no one eats potatoes for the the flavour, they're just a vehicle for salt, cheese, butter, chili and other tasty toppings.

Make radishes your new vehicle, your blood sugar will thank you!